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What has been the most challenging part of Covid-19? 

Aside from loosing patients is separating myself from doing my work. Because I work in a nursing home, we get to know the patients really well. Trying to do my work and show the compassion…when you’re a nurse unfortunately because of covid you’re trying to save lives and at some point it switches over to feeling that compassion and making patients feel comfortable knowing that they are going to pass. So it’s hard, at what point do you make the transition? It’s hard to tell. And I’m sure it’s even harder for family members especially if they can’t visit their loved ones.

What has given you strength/ are there any unexpected positives from this time?


Family, we’re lucky enough to live in the same building so we are close, essentially we live in the same house. So, it’s not like I’m by myself at home. I also have my boyfriend and he’s helped me along the way in venting and things like that. And trying to focus on things that bring me happiness. I don’t have kids but I have 3 dogs, so focusing on them. Spending more time with them even though I’m working more these days.

Who do you wear a mask for?

I wear a mask for everyone. Like you hear in the news you have people that are asymptomatic that don’t know that they’re passing it on so you kind of have to wear a mask for everyone, humanity in general, trying to be that good person. Like what would a good person do? It’s hard wearing a mask. I wear N95 masks at work for 8 hours or more a day so I come out and I’m like ‘oh my God, I have to wear a mask again,’ but aside from yourself you have to think about everyone else

Grisel Mendez

31 years old


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