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What has been the most challenging part of Covid-19? 


The isolation. I’m used to literally touching upwards of ten people a day. I’m accustomed to days filled with conversation and hugs.

What has given you strength/ are there any unexpected positives from this time?

I’m fascinated by the news about the positive impact this has had on the environment since so few people are flying and driving to work. I hope that instead of going back to old habits we learn from this and make changes going forward.

Who do you wear a mask for?

Grocery store workers who are keeping us fed in spite of their own fear. Medical workers who put their lives at risk for us and need us to keep the numbers in emergency care down. My family. My clients. The better we all are about distancing and mask wearing the sooner I can save people from their DIY hair snafus... I’m doing it for my entire community. Without them I have nothing.

Linda Piper

38 years old

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