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What has been the most challenging part of covid19? 


My fiancé and I are supposed to be getting married next month, so the complete uncertainty and anxiety around if it can still happen as planned is really difficult. Some days are harder than others. I also co-advise a group of seniors in high school and seeing them struggling to deal with not having prom, graduation, yearbook signings, etc., is really challenging. Just yesterday was supposed to be their senior prom and I was going to help chaperone.

Are there any unexpected positives from covid19?

Typically my commute to and from the office can take 2+ hours out of my day. With that eliminated, I've been able to get a lot more done around the house. My yard has never looked better and my house has never been cleaner!


Who do you wear a mask for? 

I wear a mask for my mom and family members that are essential workers and also at high risk for complications from covid19. I wear a mask to help protect my community. It's the least I can do while others are risking their lives every single day. 

Brittany D.

33 years old

Assistant Registrar

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