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What has been the most challenging part of Covid-19? 

Most challenging part of covid19? Everything seems so surreal. Work wise I am feeling sad for all the seniors whose graduation year dream got crashed by this pandemic. Personally, I am having a hard time balancing all my acts. It's like I am not doing anything at a 100% at any given time. Trying to be the perfect wife, mom, employee,'s not easy! 

What has given you strength/ are there any unexpected positives from this time?

Being able to see my kids grow in front of me without missing a beat is magical (and exhausting at times LOL). Hearing many "Te amo, mami!" and tons of kisses (and drooling) in the middle of the work-day is new and priceless (and I wish that never ends). I also became pretty good at drawing dinosaurs' battles!

I have never been prouder to be part of my "little village". Truly, I am so grateful for our countless blessings: from the job security and understanding from work, to friends and family who make every day special and happy regardless of everything going on out there. It's a constant reality check of what really matters, how fortunate I am, and thankful for all heroes out there.


Who do you wear a mask for? 

For those who are most vulnerable. 

Cynthia Monasterios

40 years old

Director of Academic Info Systems / Super Mom

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