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What has been the most challenging part of Covid-19? 

The stress is horrible cause I have to call my doctor a couple of times, can I get an anxiety pill cause my chest is so tensed up it feels like you can’t breathe and that’s a challenge. You just have to lay down, relax…it’s hard when you’re stressed out because your brain just keeps going and going. Being a single mom and everything else…it’s the quietness is all I ask for, give me 5 minutes and I’m good. And I’m still working. My youngest daughter has chronic asthma and I have to go to work everyday. I still work with people and I have to come home and worry about was there anybody at work that potentially could have it and I’m bringing it home. I have OCD, I was wash wash as soon as I step in the door, taking my clothes off, leaving the shoes there and changing into other clothes and preparing for dinner.

Then, my oldest daughter has it right now. Her boyfriends family, all 3 of them have it. But I worry because my youngest granddaughter has RSV and my grandson Jason who’s 4 has asthma. So I’m the worried grandmother. My oldest daughter is suicidal, she suffers from depression because she lost her oldest son. So with the fear of being alone and having to take care of the kids, she wants to come home to Mom and I can’t take her and no one will take the kids because they won’t test the kids unless there’s a granddaughter was just in the ICU unit in November for her RSV. It’s just challenging and to hear your daughter crying , face timing, ‘Mom I want to come home’ and say ‘No, you’ve got to stay strong, positive, you can’t let this get you down because then it’s just going to attack your immune system cause you’re weak. ‘You have to pull it together for your kids’


What has given you strength/ are there any unexpected positives from this time?

I live in more a family orientated surrounding. I hate to say it, but to be honest I don’t go into the inner city, I stay more where i live because there’s just less people around, and the less people you’re around just the less contact. The only time I really go out is if I have to run to the store.

Who do you wear a mask for?

I wear it for everyone because it’s just not me, it’s everyone. You know my daughter, my co-workers. I have co-workers that are older that have to work.

Nancy ​Sánchez 

46 years old

Test Operator 3 at MKS Instruments

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