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What has been the most challenging part of Covid-19? 


The most challenging part for me has been dealing with the changes that have transpired within the education system, both for the adults and for the children in my community (Lawrence, MA). Where we have been challenged as a community if we’re capable of even engaging in the new technological era - questioned whether this is something suitable for this community to engage in.  And we have met those challenges, maybe some better than others.  I’m concerned about single mothers who have to work and take the time to educate their kids, that has been some of the hardest things we have found.  But I’m also glad that we get to experience a bit of technology because if education does redesign maybe that will mean that this group of people who are always marginalized might fair better.

What has given you strength/ are there any unexpected positives from this time?


I’m a mother of 3 children who depend on me. It’s been something to think about, you can’t loose your mind because you have other people depending on you particularly right in front of your face, in your house. When you have children all you do is envision the future you want to give them.  I envision a wonderful future for my children, being a grandmother at some point, my son getting the opportunity to play college football that he’s been preparing for. So we stay focused on the things we have already built.  That focus, that opportunity, that look towards the future. I do tend to take it day by day so I don’t loose it because it’s a lot to take in. But definitely being a mom to these kids has made me be able to withstand, withhold and just go through this pandemic..

Who do you wear a mask for?

I wear a mask for my mother because she is someone living with diabetes and high blood pressure.  And I love her.  I do it knowing that hopefully that means that we’ll be able to hug again. I wear a mask for my parents cause if you love them then you have to take care of them. That’s life now right?

Elizabeth Lavasta

42 years old

Adult ESL Teacher 

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